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Five things to see in May

The Silver Tassie

This isn’t the kind of all-encompassing uber-list you’ll find at other, more tryhard theatre sites (yes Londonist, I’m talking to you and your goody two shoes). Instead, it’s simply the five things I’m most excited about seeing this month.

1. The Silver Tassie at the National Theatre

World War One is sorightnow right now, and this rarely revived 1920s play by Sean O’Casey has the critics cooing like doves in a jacuzzi.

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2. Venice Preserv’d in Venice (by way of Greenwich)

The Spectators’ Guild’s immersive approach has already seen them dubbed ‘the Secret Cinema of classical theatre’, and this production – which promises to transform Greenwich into the serene republic of Venice – is a good chance to find out if the comparisons are deserved.

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3. The Testament of Mary at the Barbican

Fiona Shaw is never less than electrifying, managing to transmogrify even mediocre plays like last year’s Scenes from an Execution into something special. And here you’re getting not just Shaw, but theatrical power couple Fiborah, as she once again teams up with long time collaborator Deborah Warner. The results are so sure to be interesting that the Barbican could qualmlessly offer a money-back intriguarantee. Combining words is fun.

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4. All My Sons at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

I’m always up for a bit of Miller time – but will the huge expanses of Regent’s Park drown an intimate play, or make this modern classical tragedy even more powerful?

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5.  Secret Theatre at ?

You pays your money, you takes your chances with this pop-up theatre experience imported from New York. With no idea of what play you’re going to see or where (other than that it’s a ‘Secret Gallery’ in Zone 1) it’s a risky £20, but then, this is a non-profit organisation and with profits going to charity Orca, this production will save the whales even if it jumps the shark.

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