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Pests review ★★★★★

It’s rare that a playwright comes along whose use of language is so distinctive they couldn’t possibly be mistaken for anyone else. It’s rarer still to encounter one who seems to go beyond this to invent a new language that’s all their own. But that,… Read More

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Five things to see in May

This isn’t the kind of all-encompassing uber-list you’ll find at other, more tryhard theatre sites (yes Londonist, I’m talking to you and your goody two shoes). Instead, it’s simply the five things I’m most excited about seeing this month. 1. The Silver Tassie at the National… Read More

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A Small Family Business ★★

At the start of this production, the set – a nearasdammit full size reproduction of every suburban estate house you’ve ever seen – wheels round before our eyes to reveal the home hidden inside. It’s a clever coup. By breaking down the forbidding brick walls it beckons us in,… Read More